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About us

Terroirs Vivants is the leading supplier in the French trade of organic wine.

For over 35 years, we have elaborated quality organic wines, from the vineyard to the bottle.

« The Trading Artisan »

In  1983, Jacques Frelin embarked in the adventure of organic wine
and founded one of the first organic wine trade under the name Jacques Frelin Vignobles.
Few years later, the company was renamed Terroirs Vivants.

In 2018, TERROIRS VIVANTS recovers its original identity and the company chose to change its name to Jacques Frelin to go back its roots.

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100% of our production is organic and certified by ECOCERT: A guarantee of the company’s ethic.

We sell 25 000 hectolitres of organic wine every year (equivalent to 3.4 million bottles).


Our oenologists ensure optimal quality for the wines we create to match a predefined taste profile. Every step is important :

  • We select the relevant vineyards with our suppliers
  • We establish dates of the harvest
  • We overlook wine-making very closely
  • We blend our wines
  • We bottle them under our own brand

We are involved in the main vineyards of Southern France:

  • Languedoc-Roussillon,
  • Rhône valley and Provence,
  • Bordeaux and Gascony.